Most exciting way to bass fish

Big bass love top water, and there is no better bite than seeing a big bass explode on your lure. There are many styles of top water baits to choose from, but here are three of my favorites.

 Zara Spook

In my opinion it doesn’t get much better than a Zara Spook. This is a classic lure that almost every bass angler has in their tackle box. The “walking the dog” action of this lure draws huge bass up to the top.  This bait comes in many colors and sizes so make sure to “match the hatch” and select a lure that resembles the bait around. If there is a shad spawn happening then choose white or a shad pattern. If you are fishing around Bluegill beds, then choose a Bluegill or Bass pattern. Make sure to change the cadence of the lure. Sometimes bass want it very slow, stopped, or hurrying across the water.

spook 2

Buzz Bait

This lure is also known for catching big bass. I love this bait because it allows me to cover water quickly and efficiently. This bait also comes in many sizes, blade types and colors. I keep things simple when it comes to buzz bait fishing. Three colors is all you really need: white, black, and chartreuse. I like to use two different sizes depending on the situation; a 1/8 ounce or a 3/8 ounce. I also almost always use the single blade version.

buzzbait 2

Whopper Plopper

This Whopper Plopper is an up and comer, but has already taken the tournament trail by storm. This has been a very popular musky lure for years, but has recently been made in a bass size that really catches them. There are two sizes of this lure, the 90 and 130. I like to get bites, so I like the 90, but if I want to target big bass or I am fishing a lake that has musky and pike than I would pick up the 130. I had an outstanding musky fishing day last fall using the 90. I also caught many bass in between the musky bites. If I would have used the 130, I am not sure I would have caught the amount of bass I did.  I have not found a color they won’t bite, but I really like the Bone and Loon colors.

whopper plopper 2

I have one last piece of advice.  You can throw these lures all day long. Many anglers believe you can only catch bass on top water in the morning, evening, or overcast days. I will be the first to tell you these lures do shine in these conditions, but I have caught some of my biggest bass on top water in the middle of a bright sunny day.

musky new

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