Small Baits for Bass

If you want to catch a lot of bass and mix in a few big ones too, then try small baits.

small baits 1

Small baits will give an angler many more opportunities for bites than larger baits. When I go fishing I want to catch as many fish as I can. I have found small profile baits allow me to do this. These baits are also great at catching other species of fish, including crappies, bluegills, and walleyes. These lures are also great to use when teaching a new person how to bass fish. They simply catch fish, thus catching the first time angler.

small bait 3

I like to use the Strike King 1.0 crankbait, Yamamoto 3″ Fat Senko, and Crappie Slider Grubs.

small bait 5.JPG

These lures are excellent choices when fishing ponds, streams, and heavily fished lakes. Bass and other fish usually cannot resist these tiny offerings. After all, who doesn’t enjoy an appetizer?

small bait 2.JPG

small bait 4.JPG

As you can see these fish swallowed a small bait! You have to try it out for yourself!

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