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Fun Afternoon of Fishing

We recently had a fun afternoon fishing for bluegill in a neighborhood pond. We were able to catch a ton of small bluegill with a few larger ones mixed in.

family bluegill 3.JPG

It took us a little while to find some decent size bluegill. We found that the big bluegill were located on one corner of the pond. Originally we had the bobber sit too shallow and only caught little ones. Once we made this adjustment, we started catching bigger bluegill.

family bluegill 1

The tackle we used was a closed face reel and light action pole. We had the reel spooled with 8 lb Berkley Trilene XL  line, just in case we caught a catfish or bass. We used Berkley Gulp Crickets with a Split Shot Sinker and Balsa Spring Bobber to keep the cricket in the strike zone.

family bluegill 2

We had a great couple of hours of fishing.

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