Catfishing: Lesson Learned

Two casts, two catfish! Third cast, lesson learned!

Admittedly, I’m not an expert catfisherman so I made a rookie mistake today. I have spent quite a few times fishing for catfish, but have never had this happen to me before.

catfish 2.JPG

When catfishing from the bank most people will use a rod holder or at least a Y shaped twig. There are two good reasons for this. First, it is easier to see when you get a strike.  Second, they keep your rod from going in the water. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my own advice.

I was fishing in a pond with my son, and I wasn’t using the tip I just mentioned. Sure enough, a catfish dragged my pole straight into the water in a split second! I was sitting right next to it and all of a sudden I heard it scrape across the rocks and into the water. Gone! Just like that, I lost a St. Croix rod and Shimano reel!


catfish 1.JPG

The sad thing about this is I did have a broken Y shape twig sitting right next to me.  Unfortunatley, I had the rod just laying on the ground. I spent the next hour trying to catch the line with a treble hook and sinker, but no such luck. I couldn’t find it!

So not only did I miss catching 3 fish in 3 casts, I also lost a great rod and reel. So in reality I learned two lessons. One, use a rod holder. Two, don’t use an expensive bass combo while catfishing! I won’t let this happen again!

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