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Doe Run Lake

This past Saturday, I spent a few hours fishing at Doe Run Lake in Covington, Kentucky. I arrived at the lake around 7:30.  There were a few others already there fishing from the bank. This lake gets a lot of fishing activity for an electric motor-only lake.

Doe Run 1

Once I launched my kayak, I noticed the water temperature was in the mid 80’s. This warm water told me that I needed to fish deep. I am sure I could have caught some smaller bass fishing the bank, but the bigger fish should be deep. I tried a number of baits and water depths throughout my morning, but it seemed like most of the fish I caught were in 10-20 foot of water.

Doe Run 2

The most productive bait on this trip was a Bomber Fat Free Shad deep diving crankbait. This style of lure is challenging to throw from a kayak. Deep diving crankbaits will literally pull the kayak around. This makes it a little frustrating to keep re-positioning the kayak cast after cast. I also used a Texas rigged worm, but the crankbait caught the majority of my fish. I focused on finding brush piles and drop offs with my Humminbird Fishin Buddy DI depth finder and thoroughly fished those areas.

Doe Run 3

I managed 3 keeper bass (15”) on this trip and a few fish that were around 12”. One bass I caught was right at 5 lbs! This was a pretty successful outing on this lake for late summer. When I am faced with a lake that gets lots of fishing activity, I try fishing a way that others will not. I always see people fishing the bank, never off shore. The only deep water fisherman I see are cat fisherman. I am sure those bass had never seen a deep diving crankbait before.

The fishing at Doe Run will be much better this fall. Can’t wait to get back out there.


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