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Bass Fishing in Trash

Plastic bottles, styrofoam cups, grocery bags, moss, and logs make for quite the eye sore.  To a bass it looks like home.


A bass’s ideal home has thick cover with lots of shade to hide. This picture shows a great place to catch a big bass.


When fishing structure that looks like this you must have the right tackle to get the bass out of this cover. Often, when a bass bites it will get tangled in all the structure. More times than not, the bass will break your line. Make sure you are ready to get the bass out of its home when it bites.


Here is what you need to convert the strike into a catch. First, heavy braided fishing line. I like 65lb. Power Pro line. This may sound like over kill at first.  Trust  me, you will break your line with anything much lighter. Second, a pole that has enough back bone to get the fish out of the cover. I like a medium-heavy to heavy action St. Croix  flipping stick. Third, a high speed reel. This allows you to quickly get the fish out of the cover before it gets tangled.


It is horrible that people treat our lakes this way.  This type of cover is becoming more prevalent in many lakes. Don’t  be afraid to put a lure right in the middle of it. You may just catch a monster bass from the trash.

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