Fishing Trips

Man’s Best Friend

I’m not sure who loves fishing more, me or our dog, Tucker. We took Tucker with us on a Michigan trip and he loved every minute of it. Tucker was ready to go from the time we hooked up the boat to the time we got back to the truck.


We were fortunate enough to catch some great largemouth and smallmouth on this trip. Tucker got more excited than us when we caught fish.  As soon as he knew we had a fish on he would go nuts!


We had to pick a pet friendly hotel during our trip to Michigan. You might be surprised on how many hotels are pet friendly. We brought food and water on the boat for him. We also had to stop and “stretch our legs” from time to time.  When we had multiple rods on the deck, we just made sure that bait was hanging over the side of the boat in the water.


Taking your dog with you does create some extra work, but I think Tucker appreciated going!


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