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Ribbit Ribbit

Frog fishing is one of my favorite ways to fish! There is no better strike than seeing a bass explode through the moss and weeds to eat a frog bait.


Frogs come in a variety of sizes and colors. There is a huge variation in price point when purchasing frogs. Trust me, you get what you pay for. The cheaper frogs tear and fall apart after a few catches.


Frog fishing is at its best when you can find a place full of weeds and moss. Frogs will float on top of this structure and not get tangled. You want to fish in areas that look like places where a real frog would live.


Bass will swallow a whole frog. They are usually hooked on the top of the mouth and will rarely come off once hooked.

We caught these fish this past week in Northern Indiana. We were fishing a pond with a lot of vegetation. The weather was bright, calm, and sunny, but the bass were still eating the our frog offerings.


Frog fishing is an extremely fun way to catch bass. This technique catches all sizes of fish from giant bass to large northern pike. Once you catch one on a frog, you will have a hard time throwing another lure.

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