Fishing Trips

Anna Marie Island Smack Down

I just had an outstanding fishing trip with Captain Brady Nelson in Anna Marie Island, Florida. I was on a family vacation and the guys wanted to go fishing while we were in town. We were not disappointed with our decision. We were catching fish from the minute we hit the water, until the end of our trip!


We met Captain Brady on the boat ramp at sunrise. The first stop of the day was to catch live bait. Captain Brady knew were to stop and throw out the cast net. In a matter of minutes we had hundreds of baitfish on the boat.


We spent the day catching snook, redfish, ladyfish, jack, and trout. Most of our fish were caught on live bait, but a few came on a Johnson Spoon. We caught multiple Redfish over the slot limit size of 27 inches. The biggest Redfish was over 31 inches!


The schooling action of the Redfish and Jacks was incredible. The water erupted with fish. Once this happened all we had to do was cast in the middle of the school and hang on.  We had numerous occasions where we all had fish on at the same time!


We were also fortunate to see many dolphins, and a few manatees, and a shark during our trip.


It was a great trip! We had a perfect August morning for fishing. The winds were calm, the sky was sunny, and the fish were biting.  Captain Brady knew where the fish were located; I would highly recommend him to anyone vacationing around Anna Marie Island,  Florida.



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