Fried Crappie Recipe

Who doesn’t love fried fish? Especially when you caught them yourself. Crappies are one of my favorite fish to eat. We caught these crappies from Lake Shafer in August.


We decided to cook these up for dinner one night. The seasoning I chose to use was Open Season, but I really like Uncle Bucks available at Bass Pro Shops. I like to mix together their original seasoning with their spicy flavor. I also add bread crumbs for a little extra crunch.

I use paper plates, because it makes clean up much easier. The only dishes I have to use are the bowl for the egg wash and the skillet.


Pat at the crappie fillets completely dry. Once dry drop them into the egg wash.

After they have been soaked in the egg mix coat them with the breading mix. Don’t be afraid to make the breading is thick.


I like to cook the fish outside on the grill gas burner. This keeps the fried fish smell outside. You also don’t have to worry about the fish splattering. Put enough oil in the skillet to cover at least half of the fish. Cook the side down until it turns golden brown. Flip the fillet over and cook the other side to golden brown. The fish will come out crunchy and ready to eat.


I almost like eating them as much as I like catching them. Okay, not really, but they sure are tasty!


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