Fishing Trips

Kincaid Lake

Fishing a new body of water is one of my favorite things to do. I really enjoy trying to figure out how, and where to catch fish on a new lake. I spent a couple of hours on Kincaid Lake on Saturday. Kincaid Lake is located in Falmouth, Kentucky.

Saturday was a beautiful day in Northern Kentucky. The wind was calm, which made the water look like glass. This isn’t ideal for fishing, but it sure looks pretty. The lake has a natural shoreline which makes it very scenic as well.


Whenever I arrive at a new lake, I like to see what kind of structure it offers. I quickly realized Kincaid offers a lot of visible shoreline cover. Rocks, boulders, fallen trees, stumps, and grass are all very prominent. I also noticed, because it was so calm, that there where hundreds of small bluegill in the shallow areas. Both of these things indicated to me to fish shallow and cover a lot of water.


I started out my day using a buzzbait. The bass liked my lure of choice. I quickly started catching keeper bass. I never caught any giant bass, but my five biggest weighed about 10 pounds total.

I was happy with what I caught during a short outing on Saturday. I have a hunch that Kincaid may to turn into a favorite crappie lake of mine, too. I will have to make another trip there soon.


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