Favorite Crappie Lures

I love to bass fish, but catching crappies is a very close second. There are three things that I really enjoy about crappie fishing; First, the techniques for catching them is almost identical to bass fishing, second, you can catch a lot more of them, and last, they are great to eat.


Anyone who has fished with me knows that I am not a very patient fisherman. I like lures that I can fish fast, and cover a lot of water. Once I locate a school of crappies, then I will slow down long enough to thoroughly work the area. Here are some of my favorite crappie lures.

The Strike King Shad Pole is a fairly new crappie lure on the market. The little ball on the tail moves at every little twitch of the rod. It’s a great minnow imitator.


The Charlie Brewer’s Crappie Slider Grub is another great lure. The paddle tail of this lure gives off a ton of vibration. It looks just like a minnow swimming through the water.


Hair Jigs are great at catching all kinds of fish. I like to use them two different ways. One way is with a bobber and continually jigging it back to the boat. The other way is letting it sink slowly while twitching the rod tip. The hairs on the bait give off a lot of subtle action that fish can’t refuse.  Check out my post about how to make homemade hair jigs here.


Tube Jigs have been around for as long as I know, but they are hard to beat for catching crappies. These little lures work with a very light jig head and are probably my all time favorite crappie lures.



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