Fishing Trips

Variety On The Ohio

The Ohio River is not known for its great bass fishing, but it is home to a variety of fish. I spent a few hours fishing near Cincinnati on Sunday and caught seven different species.

When fishing a river where bites are few and far between, I like to use baits that not only target bass, but will catch other types of fish, too. This makes the day much more enjoyable, because you are constantly getting bites. My baits of choice are small crankbaits, swimbaits, small soft plastics and jigs.

By using small baits that appeal to a wide variety of fish, I was able to catch largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass, striper, catchfish, bluegill, and even a gar!


I caught the majority of the fish on a swimbait. Squarebill crankbaits and jigs produced fish on this trip, too. Small baits will defiantly catch more fish when faced with difficult conditions. Small lures are a great choice and will always put fish in the boat.

Check out my other post about small baits here

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