A Lure Every Bass Fisherman Owns

There is one lure that virtually every bass fisherman owns. This lure has been around since the 1950’s. The spinnerbait has stood the test of time and still catches fish today.


The spinnerbait comes in a variety sizes and colors. If you walk down the spinnerbait aisle at Bass Pro Shops, you may become overwhelmed by the never ending selection. There are many different styles, but I like to keep things pretty basic. There are three main factors to consider; blade shape, color, and weight.


There are 3 main blade styles when selecting a spinnerbait. The Indiana, Colorado, and willow-leaf. The Colorado blade puts out a ton of vibration. I use this blade style in murky water. The willow leaf – probably the one most anglers use – puts out a ton of flash. The Indiana falls in between both of these, not too flashy, and not a ton of vibration.

I select 2 main colors for almost all my spinnerbait fishing; shad color and chartreuse. That’s it; I keep it very simple. In clear water, I will use the shad color, and in murky water I will use chartreuse.


The last main consideration when selecting a spinnerbait is weight.  I would recommend a spinnerbait around a 1/2 ounce. This weight works well in shallow and deep water.


Spinnerbaits are much better at catching fish in windy conditions than calm. If the wind is blowing, and the water is choppy, it’s the ideal time to use a spinnerbait.

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