Summer Bluegills

It’s HOT outside! Many of us want to continue fishing, but are afraid that all the fish have moved into deep water. In my opinion this is false. Yes, many fish do move deep, but there will still be a large concentration of fish in shallow water.  I want to share with you some proven techniques I have used in many different lakes and ponds for catching bluegills in the summertime.

bluegill cooler edited

First, pay attention to the moon phase.  If there is a full moon, there is a big chance you can find bluegills on their nest. Bluegills will spawn throughout the late spring and summer. If there is in fact a full moon, target flat areas of the lake. Look at the slope of the banks for this. A long slow sloping bank into the water is perfect for spawning bluegills as long as there is a hard bottom where they can make a nest. If the water is too silty then move to another area of the lake because they will not spawn in silt. One mistake people make is not fishing shallow enough. I have caught many bluegills in 12 inches of water!

bluegill 4

Are there weeds in the lake? If so target these areas. Bluegill love to prey on insects, larva, and minnows. Find irregularities in the weeds. This could be holes in the weeds, points where the weeds stick out further, rocks, brush, or boat docks. Many times bluegill will congregate in one area, so don’t spend too much time sitting in one place. Move along the weed line until you start catching fish.

green sunfish

Use your electronics while fishing from a boat. Target humps and drop offs. Again, I have caught bluegills where the water depth may drop from 2 to 5 feet. Anywhere you can find structure along these drops such as brush, rocks, or weeds will make the chances of having a school of bluegills much better.

Remember it is much easier to catch shallow fish than it is to catch deep fish. Try these suggested areas and I think you will be happy with the results.

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