Texas Rigged

I have been asked many times how to properly rig a soft plastic lure. There are a few different techniques you can use.  The most popular style is a Texas rig.

The Texas rig works for almost all styles of soft plastics and is entirely weedless when rigged properly. Here are different sizes hooks, weights, and lures that can all be used.

Step One: Select a hook, weight, and lure.  There are numerous styles, but for the most part all will be rigged the same way.


Step Two: Insert hook into the head of the lure all the way to the bend.


Step Three: Slide the lure up the hook while rotating it 180 degrees. Ensure the hook comes out straight and in the middle of the lures bottom side.


Step Four: Pull lure onto the eye of the hook. Notice how the hook wants to enter back into the lure.


Step Five: Insert hook just below where the hook naturally bends back toward the bait.


Step Six: Place the point of the hook barely inside the lure’s back. Make sure the lure is perfectly straight.


There you go! Now you have a Texas rigged lure.

This is a classic rig that will catch bass anytime, anywhere. It is also weedless, so you can cast easily around structure.  Use this bait by slowly bouncing it off the bottom.  Hook sets are free, so when you feel a bite set the hook!

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